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Lync User Manual

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Lync User Manual

Microsoft Lync is instant messaging (IM) client intended for enterprise environments succeeding Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger which are targeted for home use (after Microsoft acquisition of Skype Technologies). In large environments employees are inert when new technologies are presented and I was challenged with task to create short user manual describing Lync abilities and usage. It is best to use Lync in environments with Exchange Server since Lync provide contacts availability based on information gathered from Outlook by default. Lync uses SIP as communication protocol and mobile users can also be added as clients.

Two Word documents attached are intended for users encountering Lync for the first time.

Instant messaging communication manual is describing how to:

  1. Login to Lync
  2. Set your status
  3. Personalize your contact information
  4. Find contacts and fill your contact list

Lync™ 2010 – Instant messaging communication, short manual

Audio/Video conferencing and data collaboration manual is describing how to:

  1. Schedule online meeting
  2. Join online meeting
  3. Start group conversation
  4. Elevate your conversation to audio/video conference, document or even program(s) or desktop sharing
  5. Start data collaboration by using Whiteboard

Lync™ 2010 – Audio-Video conferencing and data collaboration, short manual

avatar_brankoSpecial thanks to Branko Nikolić for his excessive collaboration and to CPU doo for giving me guidelines on how to create these manuals.

Both user manuals are intentionally left in Word format for your convenience, allowing you to brand them and freely use them in your corporation. They are preformatted to be duplex printed on A4 format for hard copy companywide distribution but can also be easily reformatted to be printed as short A5 booklets, whichever option suit your needs better.


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