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PowerShell: Disable POSIX subsystem

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PowerShell: Disable POSIX subsystem

I have been instructed by Auditors to disable unwanted POSIX subsystem on many servers not needing it. I have been given a list of server names on which I had to disable POSIX.
Again, the PowerShell kicked in. Just to demonstrate the importance of PowerShell usage I will explain how you can disable POSIX subsystem manually:

You need to change local group policy on each individual server!
The manual way would require RDC login to each server, and change in Local GP – let’s say – 5 minutes per server. I had in this task involved more than 200 servers. That is around full 3 days’ work!

GPO Posix SubsystemNavigate to Local Computer PolicyComputer ConfigurationWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsLocal PoliciesSecurity Options in Local Security Policies, double click System settings: Optional subsystems, delete Posix value and click OK.

By setting this GPO we are actually changing the MULTI_SZ Registry key’s value located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ SubSystems \ Optional.

We can simply use PowerShell to navigate to that key and delete its value. In PowerShell you can navigate through various system objects (Registry, Certificates, etc.) like going through file system. Use Get-PSDrive cmdlet to see all possibilities. So we will use the following command to achieve this:

So I have built this PowerShell script to automate process since all of my servers had WinRM enabled and configured. It took me 15 minutes to develop script and everything went smooth in 1 hour time. To use it on all of the servers provided by Auditors in txt file, the script goes as follows:

Have fun exploring PowerShell on your own!


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